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Employees from 470 institutes join the strike at federal universities; see list

A new wave of employees from Universities and Federal Institutes joins the strike of teachers and administrative technicians from the Federal Education Network. At least 470 Federal Institutes in 24 states are suspending activities indefinitely throughout April.

The strike is led by the Federation of Unions of Technical-Administrative Workers in Education of Public Higher Education Institutions in Brazil (Fasubra) and unites more than 60 union sections. In addition to the Federal Institutes, 18 universities have already joined the strike.

On the 11th, President Lula met with members of the National Association of Directors of Federal Higher Education Institutions (Andifes) to try to contain the strike, exactly one month after the start of the strike of administrative technical employees (TAEs), on 11 of March.

The meeting took place despite the statement by the Minister of Economy, Fernando Haddad, who stated the impossibility of an adjustment this year. Exactly for this reason, the strike continues with more and more institutions joining.

What are the strike demands?

According to the National Union of Federal Servants in Basic, Professional and Technological Education (Sinasefe), the strike raises demands that date back to 2015, the year in which the last significant adjustment was negotiated.

Among the movement's demands are the restructuring of technical-administrative (PCCTAE) and teaching (EBTT) careers, salary recovery, the repeal of all rules that harm federal education approved in the Temer (2016-2018) and Bolsonaro (2019) governments. -2022) in addition to restoring the budget and immediately readjusting student aid and scholarships.

Regarding the demand for a salary increase, the Minister of Management and Innovation, Esther Dweck, last week reaffirmed the commitment to a 19% increase during Lula's term. In December 2023, an adjustment of 9% was made. The rest of the amount would be distributed between 2025 and 2026.

Next Friday (19), two new meetings between the presidency and the category are scheduled to discuss the restructuring of TAE and teaching careers.

Check the list of Federal Institutes and Universities that joined the strike (that have already entered or will enter by the end of April) by state:

UFPel (RS)
UnB (DF)
Ufes (ES)
Unifespa (PA)
Unirio (RJ)
Unipampa (RS)
Unila (PR)

See list of institutes on site from Sinasefe.

*Under the supervision of André Rigue

Source: CNN Brasil

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