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‘End’ the suffering of citizens in car transfers

By Fotis Fotinos

With the aim of fighting corruption and improving citizen service, the Ministries of Infrastructure and Transport and Digital

of Government yesterday presented the two new digital services, Digital Vehicle Transfer and MyAuto.

With the first application, the presentation of several supporting documents is abolished, such as the KTEO card, the certificate of non-payment of traffic fees from the competent DOU, various responsible declarations – applications, while with the second, vehicle owners have access, in real time, to all the details of their vehicle, as they are kept in the registers of public administration bodies.

Now, the next step, which will be implemented at the end of the month, concerns the “passing” of the driver’s license and ID on the mobile phone, and in the next year, the automation of the “Driver Behavior Control System” (Point System).

405,000 temporary driving licenses have been issued digitally

The two above applications were preceded by the temporary driver’s license, driver’s license renewal, driver’s license copy, driver’s license replacement and vehicle registration copy.

From the beginning of 2020 until today, 405 thousand temporary driving licenses have been issued.

Accordingly, in the renewal of the diploma, 20,000 applications have been submitted, as citizens can digitally renew their driver’s license, which ceases to be valid due to age limits or for medical reasons, as well as professional licenses.

The physical presence of the citizen is only required during the medical examinations, while the digital process is supported by HDIKA and has already been used by approximately 4,500 doctors across the country.
They have examined more than 17 thousand citizens and issued about 36 thousand medical certificates.

Similar is the response to the digital application for the issuance of a copy of a license, due to loss, theft or damage through gov.gr.

Citizens have filed online: more than 30,000 applications for diploma replacements and 9,200 applications for copies of vehicle registration licenses.

In total, more than 45,000 diplomas have been issued using the new applications, while more than 30,000 SMS are sent every month informing citizens about the status of their application.

Digital transfer of vehicles

Regarding the digital transfer of vehicles and in accordance with what is defined in Article 82 of Law 4954/2022, the process will be completed through drivers-vehicles.services.gov.gr, with few actions on the part of both the seller and the buyer.

The advantages of the new procedure are the following: the control of the transfer conditions is automated, the presentation of supporting documents is abolished, the digital certificate is established, with which the buyer can immediately insure the vehicle, the seller is released from the obligation to visit the service and is reduced the time required to check the application by the competent official.

Transparency is also enhanced and the buyer’s access to all the details of the vehicle for sale (frame number, date of first license, date of import into the country) is ensured.

After completing the application submission, the buyer will digitally issue, via gov.gr, a certificate of submission of the request and fulfillment of the conditions for the transfer of ownership of the vehicle.

With this certificate, he will be able to insure and circulate within the Greek territory the vehicle under transfer for a period of thirty days.

The confirmation of submission of a request and fulfillment of the conditions for the transfer of ownership of the vehicle will also be posted on the personal mailboxes (my.gov.gr) of the buyer and the seller.

As soon as the competent Transport department issues the new registration permit, the buyer will be notified to collect it, providing proof of payment of the permit and vehicle transfer fees.

The MyAuto e-folder

Accordingly, MyAuto is the electronic file of each vehicle. Through this specific service, the citizen can, with the push of a button, have access to all the information about his vehicle.

It is the first time that citizens can have a complete picture of their vehicle, without multiple and time-consuming visits to public services.

Through MyAuto, vehicle owners have real-time access to all those details of their vehicle, as they are kept in the registers of public administration bodies. Data are grouped into categories based on the registers from which they are drawn. The information collected is as follows:

– Details of traffic permits, which are obtained from the Registers of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport.

– Details of vehicle technical inspections – KTEO, which are drawn from Registers from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport.

– Traffic, immovable and property tax payment details, which are drawn from Registers by the Independent Public Revenue Authority.

– Find vehicle insurance, which is pulled from Registers from the Auto Accident Liability Auxiliary Fund Information Center.

Source: Capital

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