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Enem 2024: registrations begin this Monday (27)

The registration period for the National Secondary Education Examination (Enem) 2024 begins this Monday (27th). The deadline will end on June 7th, as stipulated in the notice.

Registration must be made by Participant Page. The fee is R$85 and can be paid by bank slip (generated on the Participant Page), Pix, credit card, debit from a current or savings account (depending on the bank). The payment deadline ends on June 12th.

Anyone who chooses to pay by Pix must use the QR code displayed on the bill.

Candidates whose requests for fee exemption have been approved are not automatically enrolled. For this reason, they need to register normally so they can take the test.

When registering, the candidate must also inform which foreign language they wish to take the test. The options are English and Spanish. On the day of the test, the participant must only answer the questions in the chosen language.

The National Institute of Educational Studies and Research Anísio Teixeira (Inep) states that it will ensure that participants who make requests are treated by social name.

It will not be necessary to send, at the time of registration, supporting documents relating to the social name. According to the institute, “transvestites, transsexuals or transgender people will receive this treatment automatically, according to the data registered with the Federal Revenue Service”. In other words, the participant must check the information contained in the Revenue and, if necessary, update it.


This year, the Enem tests will be administered on the 3rd and 10th of November. The gates will open at noon and close at 1pm – on both days. The tests, both on the 3rd and the 10th, will begin at 1:30 pm. On the first day, the scheduled end time for the tests is 7pm. In the second, at 6:30 pm.

Inep informs that the participant affected by logistical problems during the administration of the tests or affected by one of the infectious diseases in the week before the first or second day of administration of the tests may request the exam to be reapplied. The request must also be made through the Participant Page. The reapplication will be on December 10th and 11th.

The answer sheet will be made available on the 20th of the same month. The result is scheduled to be announced on January 13th of next year.

See the schedule

  • 05/26 to 06/07: registration period
  • 12/06: deadline for payment of registration fees
  • 03/11: First day of the Enem 2024 test
  • 10/11: Second day of the Enem 2024 test
  • 20/11: Announcement of the answer sheet
  • 10 and 11/12: Re-application of tests
  • 01/13/2025: Announcement of the result

Source: CNN Brasil

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