Enem brings questions about women, environment and traditional peoples

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The first day of the National High School Exam (Enem), held this Sunday (13), brought up questions about the role of women in society, the environment, communities and traditional peoples – which also appeared in the newsroom – and a reference to writer Carolina Maria de Jesus, according to pre-college students and teachers heard by the report.

In addition, a mention of skater Rayssa Leal, aka Fadinha, who was a medalist in the last Olympics, caught the attention of the students. This Sunday (13) candidates take tests in Writing, Human Sciences and Languages.

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According to the pedagogical coordinator of the Poliedro de São Paulo, Vivian de Ulhôa, in the Languages ​​test she brought excerpts from texts by Machado de Assis (Posthumous Memoirs of Brás Cubas and Esaú e Jacó). There were also texts by the chronicler Antônio Prata and the book Quarto de Despejo, the main work of Carolina Maria de Jesus.

“Although most of these questions could be resolved only with the proper interpretation of the source text, a part of them required an extrapolation of the source text so that the candidate could answer something more comprehensive about the literary school in question, causing him to have to go beyond the source text to solve it”, analyzes the teacher.

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The question about Rayssa, according to Vivian, was about the deconstruction of the gender stereotype motivated by the athlete’s Olympic conquest. Also according to the teacher, the topic of technology and social networks was frequent.

“One question brought an analysis of dating apps, while another addressed the working mechanisms of Instagram”, he reports.

Most of the candidates interviewed by the report found the topic of writing predictable and the test questions more focused on text interpretation than on content.

“I found the subject of the essay and the test, in general, to be calm. I’ve taken the Enem other times and I found this test easier than the previous ones”, said Amanda Freiras, 27 years old, who locked up the Administration course at the Federal Institute of São Paulo to apply for a place in psychology.

Luana Letícia, 22, from Bahia, was the first to leave the room on the Ondina campus of the Federal University of Bahia, in Salvador. Outside, her boyfriend, Luis Felipe, who also took the test, was waiting for her. He was the third to leave his room.

The two found the essay topic “unexpected”, but believe they did well. The couple’s complaint is in relation to the test texts. “There was nothing that was impossible or that I am unable to solve. My only complaint is the amount of texts, a lot of reading is tiring”, said Luana, who had already taken the test in 2018.

Source: CNN Brasil

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