Enem results will be released on February 11, says MEC

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In a press conference held this Monday (29), the president of the National Institute for Educational Studies and Research (Inep), Danilo Dupas, released the balance of the 2021 National Secondary Education Examination (Enem) and stated that the result will be released in February 11.

The second stage of the exam was held this Sunday (28) and had 70.1% of those enrolled.

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According to Dupas, requests for re-application of the test are already available and the templates will be released on Wednesday (1). “The result of Enem comes out on February 11th, the trainers will receive the results 60 days later”, he said.

On the date announced in February, participants will be able to consult the report card with the individual marks in each test, in the subjects of l.languages, humanities, natural sciences, mathematics and writing. The templates, which will be made available this Wednesday, allow students to check the number of correct answers in the test.

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Students who did not attend the test sites due to logistical problems or infectious diseases, such as Covid-19, can request the reapplication of Enem 2021 through the participant’s page on the site of Inep.

Enem numbers

This Sunday (28), the second day of the exam, the transport of pouches with the tests was completed across the country, by post, in two hours and 41 minutes.

The printed Enem was carried out in 11,074 locations in 1,747 municipalities. In this modality, more than 460 thousand people were involved in the application of the exam, including state and municipal coordinators, applicators, copywriters and supervisors.

Enem digital involved more than 17 thousand people in the tests. The exam in this format was applied in 831 test locations in 99 municipalities.

This was the second Enem applied this year, as the 2020 tests were postponed due to the pandemic and ended up being held in January and February.


The Minister of Education, Milton Ribeiro, stated, at a press conference on the balance of Enem 2021, that it would never be “handled”. The comment was in response to allegations of interference with the exam questions.

“The realization of the Enem was already the answer, when educators and education specialists had access to the content of the items, they found that it follows the same pattern, the same way as past ‘Enems’. This is simply the answer, there wasn’t, it doesn’t happen. I have a history of Education in my life, I would never allow myself to be used or manipulated by anything outside what the law establishes, the legal limits”, said the minister.

Milton Ribeiro stated that if he had the power to interfere in the tests, he would be able to assess some issues considered “unnecessary”.

“If you asked me: if you could interfere, if you had the power to interfere, we could even analyze some issues, which I think are still unnecessary, but I didn’t do that, and I don’t intend to do that, for the peace of mind of everyone here this afternoon . A lot of people worried about something that hadn’t even happened; and they were disappointed when they realized that no interference had taken place”, added the minister.


The balance of police actions on the second day of Enem tests registered a low number of occurrences, according to the Federal Police. The targets were people accused of drug trafficking, imprisonment and vulnerable rape, among other crimes.

Two people were arrested for attempting to use an electronic point at two test sites.

“In the view of the PF, there were very few complications, we had the fulfillment of 31 arrest warrants, 27 on the first weekend, four on the second weekend; on yesterday’s date we had two intercurrences in relation to electronic data”, said delegate Cléo Mazzotti.

According to the Ministry of Justice and Public Security (MJSP), there were two attempts to use electronic point, four arrest warrants, seven arrests, in addition to 72 cases of disturbance of public peace.

See photos from the second day of Enem:

Reference: CNN Brasil

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