Energean close to the Municipal Community and the schools of Nea Karvali

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Energean is close to the Municipal Community of Nea Karvali as well as to its three schools with a series of donations that cover the daily needs of an area adjacent to the onshore hydrocarbon processing and storage facilities in the gulf of Kavala.

The donations were made following a survey for the needs of the schools and the Municipal Community, and in the framework of Energean Corporate Social Responsibility. Their purpose is to assist the digital transition in the school learning of the students of the area and the beautification of the external common areas of the Municipal Community.

Specifically, a few days before Christmas, Evangelos Leovaris, an executive of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility Department, delivered:

-To the President of the Municipal Community, Nikos Karakeisoglou, a lawn mower self-propelled harvester.

-To the Director of the Gymnasium, Dimitra Kapodistria, laptops and tablets.

-To the Principal of the Primary School, Anastasia Esirpeoglou and to the Headmasters of the Kindergarten, Georgia Zopoglou and Eleftheria Laskaridou, projectors.

Ilia Riga, Head of Energean Corporate Social Responsibility, said:

“It is always our pleasure but also our obligation to contribute to the daily life of the local community in every area where Energean operates. Nea Karvali is geographically our most direct social partner, we feel that we are a member and we are committed to support of our fellow citizens, in an atmosphere of mutual trust, respect and cooperation.

I wish the equipment we donated to prove useful for the Municipal Community, teachers and students and the new year that begins in a few days to bring to all our fellow citizens health, happiness and success in the personal goals that each and every one of us has set”.

The donations made by Energean are part of its strategy for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations and, in particular, Objective 4 for Quality Education, Objective 11 for Sustainable Cities and Communities and Objective 17 for Cooperation to achieve the Objectives.

Kindergarten of Nea Karvali


Source From: Capital

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