Energy crisis: Government considers zero Russian gas supply scenario – Extraordinary meeting in the afternoon

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By Harry Floudopoulos

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The possibility of a permanent cessation of Russian gas supplies after the end of the month, in response to the threat posed by Vladimir Putin, who has demanded the repayment of Russian gas in rubles, will be considered at an emergency meeting in the afternoon under Minister of Environment and Energy K. Skreka.

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It is noted that a red alert has already been sounded throughout Europe as the threat of the Russian president is considered extremely probable. Germany has already announced that it has launched the first level of an emergency plan for managing gas supplies.

Russia’s State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin warned the EU today that if it wanted to import gas from Russia, it would have to pay in rubles, adding that the same could apply to exports of oil, cereals, metals, fertilizers, coal and timber.

However, the Kremlin later said, according to Reuters, that Russia would not immediately ask other countries to pay in rubles for gas imports, promising a gradual transition and noting that Moscow would work on the idea of ​​expanding list of its exported products for which it will ask to be paid in rubles.

We will not accept payment in rubles

The Greek side, according to information, will not accept, at least individually, to repay the Russians in rubles unless such a decision is made collectively at EU level. In this light, the safe and sufficient supply of domestic energy market even in the event that there is a complete interruption of the flow of natural gas which represents more than 50% of the gas supply mixture of our country.

The table will reportedly include scenarios of a significant increase in LNG liquefied natural gas imports, ensuring or increasing the supply of Azeri gas from the TAP pipeline, increasing lignite power generation and converting gas-fired power plants to use natural gas. oil. These are five units of PPC, Heron and Elpedison.

Also, if the need arises, the increased hydroelectric reserves will be utilized.

The meeting will be attended by the President of RAE, Athanasios Dagoumas, the Chairman of the Crisis Management Team and the 2nd Vice President of RAE, Dimitris Fourlaris, the CEO of DESFA, Maria Rita Galli, the CEO, the Director of DEPA, Managing Director of PPC, George Stassis, the Deputy Managing Director of PPC, Ioannis Kopanakis and a representative of IPTO management.

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