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Engagement ring: now even men are getting the hang of it

In the Anglo-Saxon world there is even a specific name to indicate theengagement ring for men: handling ring, a play on words between man (man) e engagement ring (engagement ring).

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We will also hear a lot about it in Italy given that, according to what emerged from the latest edition of VicenzaOro, the event that dictates the trends of gold, jewelery and watches, the symbol of the promise of love par excellence is increasingly conquering the male group despite the fact that, compared to women who show off the precious jewel on their left ring finger, the numbers remain significantly lower: according to a survey conducted by The Knot (American company of websites in the world specializing in weddings), in fact, today about 5% of men wear the engagement ring. However, as we said, the trend is growing.

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Curious to think that it dates back to 1926 first advertisement of handling ring: to propose it in East Coast newspapers in the United States, the company L. Bamberger & Co., the company that eventually became Macy’s. The shots at the time showed men wearing rings with “macho” names like Stag And master’s degree. But a century ago this type of object did not catch on because, at the time, it was thought that engagement rings were an exclusively female accessory.

If they had known that, overseas, almost a century earlier Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha received from Queen Victoria (to which we also owe the custom of the white dress) the wedding proposal probably complete with a ring… Certainly the English sovereign was a forerunner on many things, because the tradition was (and is) still hard to unhinge.

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Today something is changing, fortunately: marriage proposals are evolving and today’s couples don’t just say “yes” with a ring for her. The mangament ring it now becomes a growing symbol of gender equality in relationships. However, nothing establishes a trend like seeing it on celebs. In 2018 Ed Sheeran walked the red carpet of an event wearing a engagement ring on your finger, to signal his status to the world. “I never understood why men didn’t wear engagement rings, because in any case, for men and women, the same commitment applies,” stated the singer on that occasion.

Ed Sheeran in 2018. Photo Getty

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

In 2010, albeit with different motivations from those of Sheeran, too Michael Buble he wore an engagement ring after exchanging the promise of love with his current wife, Luisana Lopilato: «The man also wears the engagement ring in Luisana’s home country, Argentina», explained the pop star.

Michael Bublé in 2010. Photo Getty

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Two years earlier, in 2008, already Jennifer Hudson gave an engagement ring to her partner at the time, the wrestler David Otunga while more recently, in 2021, she was Bella Thorne to offer his precious token of love to Benji Mascolo (with whom he recently broke up).

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In the same year to clear customs and return wannabe and the luxury brand has thought of men’s engagement rings as absolutely fashionable Tiffany & Co. which launched a dedicated line, among which a solitaire diamond stands out, practically the first for men.

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In any case, if he likes to shine, the options with precious stones on both sides they have a timeless charm and are very romantic. Maybe to wear matchy-matchy with her or him since there are many LGTBQ+ couples who get married in Italy (civil unions) and in the rest of the world.

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If you can’t resist the allure of bling bling diamonds and gold they often dominate, but rubies, sapphires, emeralds and zircons are all interesting variables to consider. The total black, however, it turns out to be a most appropriate choice.

Ring for him by Barbara Biffoli with black diamonds

Some men, however, may prefer a more sober model. In fact, many men’s engagement rings are actually wedding rings purchased for this new purpose or more or less minimal bands with genderfluid DNA, such as those Bzero1 by Bvlgari, also perfect for his engagement.

The Bzero1 rings from Bvlgari which are also good for him. Photo Courtesy press office

In fact the important thing is that the design of the engagement ring reflects the personality and lifestyle of the wearer. If he, for example, loves modernity and objects innovative, you can opt for models in strong and metallic colors, usually loved by men who are passionate about technology. Rings in titanium with fluorescent and luminescent inserts, which recall objects seen in science fiction films, they are usually much appreciated by young engaged couples.

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Alternatively, purchasing a trendy ring with a large dark-toned gemstone like onyx is always a chic choice.

Rings by Giovanni Raspini

In short, there are choices and they are varied. And there’s no better way to solidify your pre-wedding couple status than showing off your engagement ring together, right?

Source: Vanity Fair

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