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Engagement ring, when one is not enough

Let’s make it clear right away that we are not talking about the stars with the most multiple weddings in terraced houses, accompanied by just as many brilliants. But of the divas that they received from the same man more than a engagement ring. In fact there is: for some A-lister one is not enough.

Engagement rings, the most beautiful (and original) to give on Valentine’s Day. Yeah, but how?

Poetic and sparkling, classic or with an eccentric touch: they are precious promises, to be offered on the most romantic day. And we also explain to you what is the best way to do it. Tag proof


So let’s think about Jennifer Lopez what about engagement rings he collected as many as 6 from five different men. We know well, in fact, that Ben Affleck gave her the first gift in 2002 (a 6.10 carat cushion-cut pink diamond) and that then, retracing the steps of love 20 years later, he gave her the definitive precious, a rare 8.5-carat square-cut green diamond valued at between $5 and $10 million.

Jennifer Lopez in 2002 with the first engagement ring received by Ben Affleck. Getty photo

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The mysterious case of Grace Kelly’s two rings

To have received two from the same man, but without twenty-year second thoughts, even the divine Grace Kelly. Both signed Cartier the two jewels that Rainier of Monaco gave her. Rings not only that the diva wore throughout her life but which, among other things, have a special story.

Diamonds and more: all the engagement rings of the royal family

Brilliant, certainly. But also sapphires – the favorites – very rare rubies and impressive emeralds: from Diana to Camilla, from Kate to Meghan, in the British royal family the engagement rings are one more beautiful and original than the other. And precious


The first was a eternity bands in rubies and diamonds, and the second, an emerald-cut diamond weighing nearly 11 carats. But why did he have two? The Proposal Ring it came shortly after the actress and the prince first met in 1955 in Monaco. A few months, and countless correspondences later, Ranieri flew to the States and in the second face-to-face meeting he made the proposal. The ring, as the press was later told, was modest because he feared the actress’s rejection. The future princess, as reported by the Telegraphimmediately wore the jewel and it is, in fact, precisely with this that it appears in the photos of the conference which he then held together with Ranieri in Philadelphia in January 1956, to announce the union.

Rainier of Monaco and Grace Kelly in 1956. Getty photo


A few months later, however, a huge diamond appeared on her finger during the filming of High society, the last work of his career in cinema. It seems that Ranieri, having learned of the prop jewel that Grace was supposed to wear in the film, had decided to give her an authentic Cartier one as a gift.

Grace Kelly on the set of High society. Getty photo

United Archives/Getty Images

And here is the reason for the second engagement ring, a 10.47 carat emerald-cut diamond set in platinum and two baguette-cut diamonds flanking the center stone.

Kim Kardashian and the ring reloaded

To receive two engagement rings also Kim Kardashian, gifts from ex Kanye West. The first, designed by him in 2013 with American jeweler Lorraine Schwartz, featured a 15-carat diamond set in a gold band, encrusted with tiny diamonds and inscribed with their daughter’s name, North. Three years later, the rapper gave the businesswoman a new, larger version of the same ring, also created by Schwartz, this time with a 20-carat diamond worth $4 million.

Kim Kardashian in 2016 with the second engagement ring. Getty photo

Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

Later that year, the ring was stolen from a Paris hotel room in a robbery that made headlines.

Emily Ratajkowski cheap & chic

Two is better than uan also applies to Emily Ratajkowski. The model revealed to the The Tonight Show of Jimmy Fallon that her ex-husband, producer Sebastian Bear-McClard, proposed to her at a restaurant and she improvised by fashioning the clip that holds the bill together into a ring. Five months after the wedding, the official engagement ring arrived: a piece made up of two large diamonds, one square and one pear-shaped, which the couple designed together, based on more than 50 sketches.

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Katy Perry, two for strength

Those who have claimed two brilliant eyes on the other hand are Katy Perry, but not by Orlando Bloom, but by her first husband Russell Brand who had initially proposed to the singer a five-carat pink Cartier diamond ring. She then replaced it with another one, also signed by Cartier, or a rare three-carat Indian Golconda diamond. Soon after, in 2011, the two divorced. After all, only a diamond is forever.

Katy Perry in 2010 with the second engagement ring. Getty photo

Neil Mockford

Victoria Beckham and the brillocchi collection

He doesn’t fight though Victoria Beckham. The former Spice Girl owns no less than 14 engagement rings. The first is what David Beckham put on her finger in 1998: a cut diamond marquise on yellow gold band created by British jewelers Boodles.

In 1998 Victoria Beckham shows the first of a long series of engagement rings. Getty photo

John Giles – PA Images/Getty Images

Since then, the designer’s collection has multiplied (including emeralds, sapphires, rubies) as the former footballer she repeatedly renewed the engagement over the two decades of marriage. What can I say, deep down we all know that she is a lucky woman and he is a more than precious man.

Source: Vanity Fair

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