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Enthusiasm for Black Friday dropped 43% in Brazil in three years, survey shows

Brazilians’ enthusiasm for Black Friday discounts has dropped by 43% over the past three years, according to a survey by e-commerce platform Picodi.

Based on Google Trends search data, the survey shows that Brazil is among the main countries whose interest in commercial date discounts has decreased significantly since 2019. The biggest drop was registered in Turkey, with 81%, followed by Nigeria (67 %), Colombia (63%), Russia (58%) and Poland (54%).

In the world, the percentage of drop in enthusiasm is the same registered in Brazil, 43%.

“This is very likely related not only to the pandemic and financial instability, but also to the excessive use of the names ‘Black Friday’ and ‘Black Week’ for sales other than the end of November”, explains the research.

There are countries, on the other hand, that registered an increase in searches for Black Friday discounts, such as Chile (33%), Japan (22%) and Finland (1%).

Consumption pattern in Brazil

Although interest has waned, Black Friday remains one of the most important periods for Brazilian commerce. On the last Friday of November last year, the 26th, the number of sales was 385% higher compared to a normal day. Worldwide, the figure was 320%.

When the commercial date knocks at the door, the most popular product categories among Brazilians are furniture, electronics and household appliances, clothing and cosmetics, in that order.

The research also shows that the value in the Brazilian cart is around R$ 626, with discounts of, on average, 31%. In general, the savings potential is R$ 283.

Source: CNN Brasil

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