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Entities must sue SP in case of police officers who tied up suspected theft

Entities must sue SP in case of police officers who tied up suspected theft

Entities for the defense of human rights informed, this Friday (9), that they must sue the state of São Paulo and ask for compensation of R$ 500 million for the case of the man who was tied by the hands and feet by military police.

“In this sense, they decided to jointly file a public civil action in which compensation from the state in the amount of BRL 500 million will be requested, an amount to be fully reversed in favor of the vulnerable population, in addition to the implementation of measures that will include, at least, the following elements”, says the note released officially.

The request is signed by Educafro Brasil, the Center for the Defense of Human Rights Pe. Ezequiel Ramin, the Pastoral de Rua of the Archdiocese of São Paulo and the Dom Pedro Casaldáliga Aporophobia Observatory.

The note also says that the entities “recognized for the defense of human rights, come to the public to express their most vehement repudiation of a shocking act of police violence that occurred recently.”

Also this Friday, the Justice of São Paulo, which converted the arrest of the suspect into preventive detention, understood that there are no elements that allow concluding that there was practice of torture, ill-treatment or non-compliance with the constitutional rights of man on the part of of military police.

understand the case

At the end of last Sunday night (4), two men and a teenager would have entered a market and stolen some products. The person in charge of the store reported the crime to police officers who were patrolling the area and indicated the direction to which the suspects had fled.

Shortly afterwards, the police located a 32-year-old man who had two boxes of bonbons, valued at R$30.00. He was reportedly detained by agents after saying he had committed the theft.

The PMs reported to the Civil Police that he resisted arrest and did not comply with their orders, and, for that reason, it was necessary to handcuff him.

Even handcuffed, the suspect would have threatened to run away and steal the gun from the police. Still according to the agents’ testimony, to contain him, four policemen held the man and tied his feet with a cord.

Then, already tied up, the prisoner was taken to the UPA in Vila Mariana.

There, a regular recorded the images of the tied boy and questioned the procedure adopted by the police, who did not respond. The author of the video went to the police station to narrate his perception of what happened.

At the police station, the person in charge of the market said that the prisoner is already known in the establishment for committing thefts and that he pressed the panic button when he realized that he and two other boys were filling a basket with products.

According to the incident report, in addition to chocolates, other products were stolen, such as drinks and food, which together add up to R$ 503.

The man who had been tied up was arrested and will answer for the crimes of theft, resistance, threat and corruption of minors. The man and the teenager who accompanied him were also located, but the other products were not recovered.

The São Paulo Military Police reported that it had preventively removed all the agents involved in the incident, as they would have acted in disagreement with the institution’s standard operating procedures.

The corporation regretted the episode and launched an inquiry to find out what happened.

*published by Pedro Zanatta, with information from Matheus Meirelles, from CNN.

Source: CNN Brasil