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Entity linked to the Baptist Church that welcomed Afghans should welcome Brazilians from Gaza

A missionary agency of the Brazilian Baptist Convention that received refugees from Afghanistan in a city near São Paulo is expected to receive part of the Brazilian refugees who were repatriated in the Gaza Strip.

The agency has several assistance projects throughout Brazil, from the resocialization of drug addicts to the reception of refugees, within a project called “Internalization Program for Refugees”.

Video: Plane with repatriates from Gaza takes off towards Brazil

The program is developed in partnership with the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the Brazilian Air Force, who are responsible with the government for legalization and transfer. From then on, all management is carried out by the organization, which lives off donations and has no agreements with governments. The entity’s annual cost is R$1 million.

The work proposal starts from the offer of institutional reception in the form of a shelter, where they start to take classes in “Portuguese language, notions of citizenship, guidance on Brazilian culture and other opportunities for the insertion of refugees into the Brazilian job market”, according to the Missões website.

The site is located in a rural area and has administrative space, classrooms, leisure areas and accommodation. It used to function as a kind of farm hotel, but was renovated to receive refugees.

Today, there are 119 Afghans at the site, which has spaces for 160 people. Venezuelans and Haitians have also passed through there.

Source: CNN Brasil

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