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Entrepreneurship of the black population bumps into discrimination, says expert

Adriana Barbosa, who is the creator from the black fairthe largest Afro festival in Latin America, which has existed for 20 years, opined about the moment of entrepreneurship of the black population.

This year, the Feira Preta Festival takes place throughout the month of November and continues until December.

THE CNN Radio on CNN No Plural, Adriana explained that there are still constraints for this part of the population, which are based on discrimination.

“We still haven’t overcome this, it happens more often than you might think, there are reports of entrepreneurs suffering discrimination”, he added.

She shared the report that she herself has suffered from this, especially in bank branches.

According to the specialist, “institutional racism still permeates entrepreneurship”, and this is evidenced by the lack of representation of black people in the sector.

For this reason, she stated that she invests in research to “build a positive narrative” for the black population that decides to undertake and, thus, modify the process established today.

Adriana argues that Brazil “has been leading for some time” the process of emancipation of the black population in several segments and has broken paradigms on several fronts.

This places the country as a “reference” in a moment of black uprising in Latin America.

black fair

Adriana said that the event was born to “bring visibility to the entrepreneurial and creative black population”, so that it could “bring people together to bring their products, services and creations, in areas such as gastronomy, fashion and music.”

This year, the schedule can be checked here.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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