Environment and human rights, the challenges of Giulia Bonetti

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Leaving one’s land with the idea, one day, of returning, enriched by new encounters and sensations. It is the path of Giulia Bonetti, which from Forlì, in Emilia-Romagna flew abroad, fighting every day for human rights and for important issues related to the environment.

Today he lives in London and works for the Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF), the European Center for Medium-Term Meteorological Forecasts and deals in particular with Copernicus, the European Commission’s flagship program for Earth observation. A wealth of skills that will soon lead her to participate in the Cop26, the United Nations Conference on Climate Change, scheduled from 31 October to 12 November 2021 in Glasgow in Scotland, where Giulia will represent Italy in a fundamental event for the destiny of the planet.

What were your dreams as a child?
«I wanted to discover the world and do good. It took a while to figure out how to turn desires into a lifestyle, but I think I’ve succeeded. Focusing on my resourcefulness, I initially moved to France with the aim of being able to have a positive impact and, after working in the IT sector, I had a period of reflection on what to do, because I did not want my commitment to be limited only to free time. The turning point came when I was able to identify a specific field in which to act, thus deciding my priorities: the rest came as a result and I have to thank all the people I met along the way because they chose to believe in me ».

What did you study?
«I have a master’s degree in Finance, Intermediaries and Markets, from the University of Bologna, which, together with the three-year course, has given me very solid technical foundations with which I have deepened the dynamics relating to European funds. For 2021 I was admitted to the Global Institute for Human Rights, an immersive experience of theory and practice organized by the Carey Law School of the University of Pennsylvania with the aim of creating the next generation of professionals and human rights defenders. A few weeks ago, the Global Policy was added,
Diplomacy, and Sustainability Fellowship, an interdisciplinary context in which I have the opportunity to interact with international leaders and to understand the connections between politics and climate change ».

What it means to you sustainability?
«The will to generate positive effects both with immediate responses and with solutions
that they last a long time, without forgetting inclusivity. We cannot tackle global problems by leaving someone out of the debate as it would risk losing valuable prospects on the one hand, but also weakening strategies if supported by fragmented support ».

In what capacity will you be at Cop26?
«For years I have been responsible for a team of 40 volunteers, accredited by the United Nations Environment, which disseminates climate change for the Universal Versatile Society, an organization very active on this front. I will go to COP26 representing the third sector, cooperating with other young people to understand where to focus attention and how to assert our point of view. At the end of the event I will explain what decisions have been made, through the channel Weekly World Climate Change News».

Can women be decisive in the fight against climate change?
«Yes, I think we are the keystone for a better future. The repercussions more
strong in climate change concern the female gender and women
communities that have more room for recovery are those in which women are able to
adapt effectively to environmental disasters. Overcoming marginalization,
we will become the promoters of a revolution made of resilience and inclusion ».

What would you recommend to those who want to follow in your footsteps?
«Do not let yourself be overwhelmed by the complexity of certain challenges, or by their magnitude, but rather start right now to find out about the topics that are most important to you, to involve people in doing it and to evolve, to understand where you want to go. Each path is individual, while the effort is collective, as will the results ».


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