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EOS To Switch To Antelope Protocol After Hard Fork

The EOS Network Foundation (ENF) has announced that the community-driven Antelope protocol will be used as the base protocol for EOSIO-based blockchains.

ENF VP of Communications Zack Gall said the hard fork is scheduled for September 21st. To continue working on the new protocol, all nodes will need to upgrade. Antelope will be supported by ENF members, which includes EOS, Telos, Wax and UX Network.

The need for a hard fork arose due to the fact that in 2021, the developer of the EOS network Block.one stopped supporting EOISO. ENF sued Block.one for malpractice. Last fall, ENF began developing initiatives to explore the possibilities of blockchain coordination based on EOSIO, preserving and developing a common code base.

ENF forked the EOSIO codebase back in February to initiate the Mandel project. This project has been handed over to the EOSIO developers to work on technical improvements. Mandel was supposed to replace EOSIO, but when Antelope was taken over by ENF, it shut down Mandel.

“We have already added many new features and capabilities to this code, which today became known as Antelope. The code has been running on testnets for some time ahead of the hard fork next month,” he explained.

The head of the Bitcoin Foundation, Brock Pierce, claimed in May that he was seeing a situation similar to the “dot-com crisis” in the cryptocurrency market, and therefore he was diversifying his portfolio in EOS and the NFT market.

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