Epic Games Store is not going to ban games on the blockchain

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At the end of last week, Steam, the largest digital distribution platform for games, announced a ban on posting games using NFT and cryptocurrencies. Steam’s main competitor, the Epic Games Store platform, has said it will not ban such games.

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Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney, his company welcomes blockchain and cryptocurrency games to their platform. The main thing is that the developers of such games comply with all the necessary laws, warn users about the use of the blockchain, and their projects have an age rating.

“Although Epic Games does not use cryptocurrencies in its games, we welcome innovation in technology and finance,” Sweeney wrote.

At the same time, the CEO of Epic Games noted that the platform does not plan to implement support for cryptocurrency payments, so games using digital assets will have to use third-party payment systems. Developers of games with NFTs should contact an Epic representative to discuss restrictions on the use of such assets.

As a reminder, Steam management stated that cryptocurrencies and NFTs have real-world value, so games using these assets should not be featured on the platform.

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