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Episodes in France about the pension – “Dying” for the 9th day country

The French Unions are planning another day of strike action and demonstrations against pension reform next week, a union spokeswoman said tonight.

“The union united front still calls for the withdrawal of the reform and calls for strikes and demonstrations next Thursday, March 23”said Catherine Pere, the representative of the CGT, in a press conference she gave.

This will be the ninth day of strikes and demonstrations against this reform.

Clashes between protesters and police in Place de la Concorde

Police fired tear gas at protesters who had gathered in the Place de la Concorde, a short distance from the French Parliament, inwith a spontaneous, unplanned mobilization against his reform pension systemic.

A Reuters reporter according to the Athens News Agency he said he saw some protesters throwing stones at the policewho responded by using chemicals to break up the gathering.

Earlier, Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne announced that the government would approve the bill to raise the retirement age to 64 by making use of a special article of the Constitution, as it did not have the necessary majority to pass it through the National Assembly.

74% of French people disagree with Macron’s choice to implement the reform of the pension system by presidential decree

74% of French people disagree with President Emmanuel Macron’s choice to implement the reform of France’s pension system by presidential decree and to avoid referring the issue to the National Assembly, where he is known to have a relative but not an absolute majority.

This results from a poll by the company Odoxa-Backbone Consulting, which is published by the French newspaper Figaro.

According to the same poll, six out of ten French people are in favor of continuing the strike action with the aim of abolishing the reform of the French pension system, which, among other things, provides for the increase of the retirement age of the French from 62 to 64 years.

Source: News Beast

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