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Erba Massacre, Life Sentences Confirmed for Olindo Romano and Rosa Bazzi: No Review of Trial

There will be no new trial for Olindo Romano and Rosa Bazzi. Their life sentence for the Erba massacre remains. The Court of Appeal of Brescia has decided not to proceed with a new trial for the spouses who have been definitively convicted.

The evidence presented to the defense as new was not deemed admissible to review the final verdict. These were three requests for review grouped into a single request. The reasons will arrive in 90 days. There will certainly not be a new trial and therefore the final sentence that condemned Olindo Romano and Rosa Bazzi as perpetrators of the Erba massacre of 11 December 2006 remains valid. According to that sentence, they were the ones who killed their neighbour, Raffaella Castagna, her two-year-old son, Youssef, her mother, Paola Galli, and another neighbour, Valeria Cherubini, and seriously injured her husband, Mario Frigerio, who became a key witness for the prosecution.

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The evidence presented would be neither useful nor sufficient to revise the old verdict.. The decision came after four hours of deliberation, which began immediately because there were no replies from the prosecution and civil parties. There were three possible scenarios. If the Court of Appeal presided over by Antonio Minervini had decided to admit one or all of the new evidence, the process for a new trial would have started again because the evidence would have been considered potentially capable of overturning the previous decisions.

While waiting for the reasons for the sentence, the lawyers of the two spouses have already announced an appeal to the Supreme Court. Azuz Marzoukfather and husband of two of the four victims of the Erba massacre, after having accused them for a long time, is now on the side of Rosa and Olindo: «I am disappointed, I remain convinced that it was not them. Until the investigations are truly reopened I remain of my opinion».

For the victims’ families, this is the final closure of the case. “We would like the victims to rest in peace and we trust that today this reshuffling of the same cards has ended, because there is no new evidence. I have spoken to my clients, Beppe and Pietro were together, and the word that represents them is “relief”, now they can try to turn the page. We had faith, we were not afraid of the truth, we had no doubts” said Massimo Campa, lawyer for the Castagna brothers.

“We are professionally satisfied because the Court of Appeal has accepted the requests of the Attorney General and the Attorney General and therefore naturally as an office we are satisfied” said the Attorney General of Brescia Guido Rispoli.

Source: Vanity Fair

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