Erdogan attacked his MPs for not going to Parliament: “Cursed your salary”

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With MPs of his country that do not go to the Parliament, the president of Turkey put them Tayyip Erdogan saying in a stern tone, “Cursed be your wages,” while they applauded him.

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After the “crack” at a prefect who did not do his job well, Tayyip Erdogan angrily got into a fight with the deputies of his party (Justice and Development Party – AKP) as reported on Friday morning (3/2) by his correspondent SKY in Constantinople Manolis Kostidis.

“If my deputies don’t go to the parliament meetings, this people will not give you the wish, they will not say halal. And whoever didn’t go, I don’t say halal to him, I don’t give him my wish,” said Tayyip Erdogan.

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“Since you have become a member of parliament, my friend, you will do your duty. If you don’t do it, then the people will not give you their wish, they will not tell you halal and the wages you receive will be cursed, haram” added the president of Turkey.

Ironies from the opposition

“The man scolds them, and they applaud him. He tells you, he makes observations to you. He tells you “I’m not giving you my wish”, and they applaud him! There is no such behavior and such psychology,” commented the parliamentary representative of the Republican People’s Party (CHP) Özgür Ozel.

See the MPs’ applause at 32:00 of the video:

Source: News Beast

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