Erdogan builds two nuclear power plants, threatens to drill in Mediterranean and Black Sea

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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has announced that preparations for Turkey’s second and third nuclear power plants will begin after the completion of the Akuyu power plant in the south of the country.

“It is not possible for anyone who is sensitive to Turkey’s financial independence and the prosperity of the Turkish nation to oppose nuclear energy,” Erdogan said on November 9th at the inauguration ceremony of the Energy Regulatory Institute (DIP) service building. ).

The government is doing its job given the growing energy needs, he said, adding that they plan to put the first unit of the Akuyu nuclear power plant into operation in 2023.

Turkey is looking for ways to benefit more from renewable energy sources, Erdogan stressed. “We are breaking records in the production of electricity from wind energy. The opposition to the cleanest energy sources has nothing to do with the environment,” he said.

At a time when 443 nuclear power plants are still operating in 32 countries, to say that “Turkey should not have nuclear power is not treason, but carelessness,” Erdogan said.

“We will mine everything in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea”

Turkey has drilled 14 deep-water wells and last year made the largest gas discovery in its history in the Black Sea, he said.

“With this discovery, Turkey has now risen to a different level. We will find and export everything that exists in the Black Sea and the Mediterranean. The import of gas into the Black Sea will alleviate Turkey and the multiplier effect on our economy.” “It will increase,” Erdogan said. “Whether you like it or not, we will increase the number of seismographs and drilling rigs.”

Erdogan stressed that “our seismographs and drilling rigs will reach the highest level of exploration, extraction and production in the deep seas. This is how they will operate there by the method of renting them.”

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Source From: Capital

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