Erdogan Challenges from Cyprus: Two Separate States and Peoples – The International Community Will Accept It Sooner or Later

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Provocative appeared in the “pseudo-parliament” of “TRNC” o Erdogan, repeating his narrative about the solution of two states in Cyprus.

In particular, as broadcast by, the Turkish president said that “today is a very, very important and meaningful day. “Today, we declare again to the whole world our eternal and everlasting brotherhood, which draws its strength from the blood of our heroes, between Turkey and the TRNC, whether they want it or not.”

He described the Cyprus issue as a “great affair” and added that it was “the affair of a great nation, of its history, of its great national consciousness, of the great struggle with the heroic epic that was written in 1974».

“Those who thought that our Cypriot brothers would be an easy bait were defeated from the epic struggle given by the Turkish soldiers. “Those who believe they can exterminate the Turkish Cypriots by relying on the forces on which they rely, have found the iron Turkish Cypriot people against them,” he continued.

He added, however, that we have reached today “by paying a price. Despite the betrayals, etc., we will not lose another 50 years. The Turk keeps his word, but the Greek does not keep his word. It is no longer possible to believe them and lose another 50 years. “As much as this climate of brotherhood has bothered some in America, we will walk resolutely on this path.”

“We know very well who he is intruder on the island “, Erdogan then stated, adding that” EOKA and those who followed this perception never saw the T / C as equal. There was nothing that was not discussed in the negotiations. The cucumber dreams of the Greek Cypriot side, who continue to see the Turkish Cypriots as a minority, brought a stalemate.

On the island there are two separate states and peoples, the international community will sooner or later accept it. “We do not expect any land or rights,” he stressed.

The Turkish president also announced the construction new “pseudo-presidential” and new “pseudo-parliament”, since as he said “the Turkish people do not have what they deserve”.

He also announced that he wants to make one National Garden in the occupied areas: “We also want to build a National Garden. This is the proof of the existence of a state.

With the implementation of this project, one will be able to see what kind of state Northern Cyprus is. “I think it would be appropriate to turn this historic building, where the TRNC was declared, into a museum and leave it to new generations,” he concluded.

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