Erdogan: Distributed pretzels to citizens outside a mosque in Taksim Square

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THE Recep Tayyip Erdogan visited at Taksim Square for the Friday prayer at the mosque of the area located in Istanbul and shortly after he began to distribute pretzels in the world.

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According to ERT, the citizens had lined up and were waiting to take food from the hands of the Turkish president and to greet him.

Nevertheless, analysts believe that this is a pre-election move to impress, as the percentages in his party have fallen, while he claims self-reliance, so as to avoid collaborations with other factions.

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At the same time, Turkey’s economy has sunk and the lira has fallen to historic lows due to US sanctions and interest rate policy, without taking into account the international market downturn.

So experts estimate that the Turkish president is trying to appear approachable in an attempt to win votes and the sympathy of the Turkish people.

Source: News Beast

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