Erdogan is ready to go to the fund for collection

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The Oriental bargain imposed by occupying Turkey on NATO to agree to Finland and Sweden joining the Alliance is not just Erdogan’s tricks, according to This is an “opportunity” used by the Turkish President to satisfy his timeless and new demands, and NATO seems to be moving in that direction. That is, to find ways to satisfy some of the Turkish demands. And they will find a way out, although they are unhappy with Ankara’s stance, as they fear, among other things, that what most people suspect may not be the case that the leader of the occupying power may play Putin’s “Trojan Horse” in NATO.

It is clear that the range of issues raised by Ankara is great, he knows that he will not be satisfied with everything, but he will insist to ensure as much as possible. He has done it in the past, he always does it and he makes a profit. She goes to the cashier to collect and the question is who or who will pay for the broken ones.

The issue proposed by the Turkish side in relation to the accession of the two countries to the Alliance concerns the Kurds. The aim is to stop any cooperation with the Kurdish Movement, which is characterized by occupying Turkey as terrorist, while claiming that it poses a threat to the country’s security.

In this context, they call for the severance of relations with the PKK and any reinforcement of Kurdish groups in Iraq and Syria (military and political). Although in countries such as Finland and Sweden, where democracy is fully functioning, such restrictions cannot be accepted by their societies, we have watched the two countries send missions to Ankara to explain their positions. in connection with the need to join NATO and discuss “Turkish concerns”. The Turkish concerns and the need to discuss them were also mentioned by the Secretary General of the Organization, Jens Stoldenberg, who, while he would have left unsuccessfully (which he is), may now hand over to his successor the larger NATO, with two new members.

It is clear that Turkey is not limited to Kurdish. As noted, it has a long list and a long agenda.

From the European Union and Euro-Turkish relations, what is estimated to be pursued is progress in the Turkey-EU Customs Union. This is an issue that also depends on the Republic of Cyprus and which Ankara eagerly wants because it will also have economic benefits. In Brussels, they always thought that the dialogue should be maintained in order to have Turkey close, and there are many supporters of upgrading the Customs Union.

The agenda is bigger than the Americans. It is clear that he wants to rejoin the F-35 advanced aircraft program. The blockade, as is well known, took place after the purchase of Russian S-400 missiles. At the same time, the market for F-16 fighter jets has opened, as well as the upgrade of the existing fleet. As for the latter, the US government is ready to move forward, but the final decision depends on Congress. And there, as Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoλουlu acknowledged, Ankara has a mountain of difficulties and reactions.

In terms of energy, Ankara believes that it has managed, with American help, to build the EastMed pipeline. This is the well-known American intervention to neutralize the plan, which, as evidenced by information, was made as a gift to Ankara. At the same time, Turkey is asking to be part of the energy planning in the Eastern Mediterranean, mainly proposing the issue of pipeline gas transportation through Turkey to Europe. The issue arises at a time when all other players in the region are looking forward to Egypt’s solution. It is reported that Erdogan’s advisers and Turkish Foreign Ministry officials are reviving the issue of the pipeline and linking it to the wider developments and primarily to the role of occupying Turkey in Ukraine. This is an issue they will insist on.

At the same time, Ankara will proceed with new drillings in the summer and is trying to operate against the companies and the countries where they come from, in the logic of “do not disturb, let us not disturb you”.

As far as the Cyprus issue is concerned, there is no clear information on what it is asking for. Obviously her claims are about energy as there is no mobility in the Cyprus issue and it is not expected to happen until the 2023 elections. In relation to the presidential elections in Turkey, it should be noted that Erdogan has announced a move that will make Turkey larger and territorial. This will be pursued fervently and the weak link is sought, as always. That is why it is required that the Turkish movements be monitored and preventive moves be made, although Nicosia does not perform well in this sport.

It is obvious that Erdogan pulls the rope, stretches it considering that it will not be cut because in the end his demands or some of them will be satisfied. After all, he has learned for so many years that westerners need him, to the extent that they can tolerate him. He also knows that the policy towards him so far, that of appeasement, has not changed. The question is who will be called to pay the damages.

Funds for Famagusta in the economic protocol of Turkey – pseudo-state

The various movements of the occupying Turkey in the enclosed area of ​​occupied Famagusta consolidate the planning for its settlement through new executions. This is a plan, according to which from October 2020, which started, the area aims to operate in a “normalcy” and to unite with the rest of the city of occupied Famagusta.

It is also clear from the recently signed Turkey-Pseudo-Economic Economic Protocol of 2022, that a priority has been set for the development of the enclosed area of ​​Famagusta. That is, there are funds available to proceed with reconstruction and development projects in the area, so that it first receives people for tourism, visitors and then for installation. Settlement is the ultimate goal and the formation of accomplished, which in their estimation will not be overthrown.

The creation of mobility, such as the creation of an organized beach in front of the King George Hotel, which I pass by is dilapidated and was considered dangerous, up to the Oceania apartment building, but also the recent inauguration of Pertef Pasha mausoleum in the enclosure, are part of the design . A design that proceeds with the tactic of salami.

Nicosia, for its part, has begun to take action, mainly towards the United Nations and the European Union, claiming that it violates the resolutions of the International Organization. It is noted that UNFICYP, which located the violation from the first moment, can not move freely in the occupied areas as obstacles are projected by the occupying army. The Attilas demand that UNFICYP ask for permission to move, which is not accepted by the Peacekeeping Force.


Source: Capital

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