Erdogan messes with Germany and France: They have become instruments of Greek propaganda

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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan criticized France and Germany in remarks shortly before boarding the presidential plane to return to Turkey after meeting Vladimir Putin in Sochi.

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As reported by Anadolu Agency, when asked about Germany and France targeting Turkey in defense of Greece’s claims, Erdogan said that both Berlin and Paris have become “an instrument of Greek propaganda”.

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“It is unacceptable that they criticize our country with inaccurate assessments, while we condone Greece’s steps that violate international law. Turkey’s position on the stability and security of Europe is obvious. Once again we have proven this role as pioneers in solving the global grain crisis,” he added.

Erdogan declared that there will be no winner in the Russia-Ukraine war, saying: “Despite the difficulties on the ground, I also maintain my strong belief that the crisis will be resolved at the negotiating table. I once again reminded Putin that we can host his meeting with Ukrainian President Zelensky”.

Turkey will continue to hold dialogue to contribute to regional and global peace, he added. Erdogan said he believes a ceasefire between Russia and Ukraine is possible “if the parties really show sensitivity to the promises that have been made”.

Erdogan said he discussed with Putin “steps to be taken against terrorist organizations in Syria” and agreed to take the necessary measures to protect Syria’s territorial integrity.

“We agreed on the decision to give the necessary response in our fight against these killers who attacked our soldiers, police, security forces and civilians,” Erdogan added.

He also noted that Putin maintains a fair approach towards Turkey, adding: “He especially states that he will always be with us in the fight against terrorism.”

Source: Capital

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