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Erdogan on the maiden flight of the KAAN fighter: “We left behind a critical stage”

His pre-election speech was solemn Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Afyonkarahisar, after the successful maiden flight of the Turkish 5th generation KAAN fighter.

Turkey has passed another critical stage on its path to producing its own fifth-generation aircraft” he said, speaking at an open gathering ahead of the March 31 municipal elections, stressing that “today we experienced another proud day for the Turkish defense industry, this morning our national fighter jet KAAN successfully conducted its maiden flight.

Leaving spikes against the opposition who did not believe that the project would be carried out, he stated that “the choices of those who have lost their way concern themselves. We focus on work, mas. We did it and we continue.”

Recep Tayyip Erdogan went on to say: “Despite the poor people without confidence, despite the indigestion of those who said it looks like a 'radiator body', despite the traitors who from the first moment tried to undermine KAAN, our national fighter jet today collided with the ethers. My Lord bless all who contributed. We will intensify our efforts to quickly complete the remaining tests of our KAAN, which will inspire confidence in friends and fear in enemies. In the period ahead, we will continue to bring more good news to our nation about the defense industry.”

Addressing the assembled crowd he asked: “You watch KAAN, right? See what else is yet to come? Where are you still, to see what else is coming'?

The Turkish president also sent pre-election messages with references to the history of the Asia Minor war. “Afion, which yesterday wrote an epic by defending the homeland in the national struggle, today is writing a new epic by protecting the national will” he said, indirectly referring to the upcoming municipal elections. “Now I want you to shout as loud as you can from here, so that no one will be left who will not hear you from the Aegean to the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. We are ready; Are we citizens of Afyon ready for the Turkish Century on March 31?” he asked, rousing the crowds.

This morning the Turkish 5th generation KAAN fighter jet made its maiden flight. The prototype of the fighter jet took off from Ankara's Murted military airport.

This is the low-visibility Stealth technology twin-engine aircraft designed by the Turkish Aviation Industry (with British BAE Systems as a subcontractor in the project), after the US decision to exclude Ankara from the F-35 program. It is planned to join the Turkish Air Force in 2028.

Source: News Beast

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