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Erdogan signed a decree by which he himself decides on conscription in case of war

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is given the authority to declare partial or total mobilization in Turkey. This authority, which belonged to the cabinet, will now be exercised by the president of the country with a decree that he signed at midnight yesterday. According to this, the president of Turkey will now immediately decide on the declaration of mobilization in case of rebellion and “strong or active stance”. In detail, the president of the country will decide on a general or partial declaration of mobilization in case of war or “in case of rebellion, or a strong or active attitude against the country or the Republic or the appearance of behaviors that endanger the integrity of the country and the nation internally and/or abroad”. The decision to declare conscription shall be immediately published in the (Turkey) Government Gazette, specifying the date and time of its entry into force, and shall be submitted to the Turkish National Assembly for approval on the same day. If the National Assembly is not in session, it is immediately called into session. According to the news […]
Source: News Beast

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