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Erdogan to Turkish soldiers: If we had pushed south Cyprus would have been completely ours

Recep Tayyip Erdogan spoke during a dinner to soldiers of the 4th Command of the Turkish Army, where he referred to the invasion of Cyprus. According to Sigmalive.com, the Turkish president said that if the Turkish operation had not taken place in 1974, a genocide would have been committed against the Turkish Cypriots, while he argued that if Ecevit had not stopped, Cyprus today would be entirely Turkish. “Half a century ago, the Turkish Cypriots came back from the brink of genocide. In the “Peace Operation” of 1974, 498 of our soldiers from all corners of our country, including officers, non-commissioned officers and men, were martyred. Despite all the pressures, if it were not for Turkey's intervention, neither the “Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus” nor the Turkish Cypriots would exist today. In fact, maybe if we had pushed to the south, there would be no more south and north and Cyprus would be completely ours,” the Turkish president argued. Recep Tayyip Erdogan went on to say that “if we want to live […]
Source: News Beast

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