Erdogan wants the role of mediator between Russia and Ukraine

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A military conflict between Russia and Of Ukraine would amount to a “serious breach” of peace in the region and for Turkey that would be unacceptable, he warned today Recep Tayyip Erdogan. At the same time, the neighbor’s president rephrased his offer to mediate between the two countries to ease tensions between Kiev and Moscow.

“Any development in the Russia-Ukraine region, from border violations to the outbreak of war, will lead to a serious violation of regional peace and will cause serious difficulties in the region,” Erdogan said.

“Ankara has very good relations with Ukraine,” he told reporters in which Ankara sold military drones last year, angering Russia – and that its ties with Moscow are advancing “in a peaceful way that has never existed in our history”.

“We can not accept that these positive developments turn into negative ones between Russia and Ukraine. Therefore, we can be one mediator “For peace between Russia and Ukraine,” he said, adding that he had informed his Russian and Ukrainian counterparts that Ankara was ready to play any role it could in resolving tensions, according to telegrams from Reuters and AFP.

It is noted that Turkish diplomatic sources stated yesterday, Thursday, that both Russia and Ukraine are open Turkey to play a role in de-escalating tensions

In addition, Erdogan said yesterday that he would visit Ukraine in early February and that he hoped to bring the Ukrainian president closer soon. Volodymyr Zelensky and the Russian president Vladimir Putin.

He said today that he might visit Moscow to discuss the issue with Putin, but did not elaborate: “I have planned a visit to Ukraine. “In the meantime, it is possible to talk to Putin by phone or visit Moscow.”

Is the diplomatic route in a “quagmire”?

It is recalled that Turkey, a NATO member, maintains good ties with Kiev and Moscow, but opposes in Russian policies in Syria and Libya as well as in the annexation of the Crimean peninsula in 2014.

Moscow, for its part, had reject previous proposals for mediation by Ankara following the sale of Turkish drones to Ukraine.

The above statements are taking place while tens of thousands of Russian soldiers have been deployed – in recent weeks – on the Ukrainian border, raising fears – of many Western countries – of a Russian military invasion, the BPE reports.

The Kremlin denies any belligerent behavior, but sets as a precondition for a de-escalation conditions that guarantee the non-enlargement of NATO and the de facto retreat of the North Atlantic Alliance from Eastern Europe. Something not acceptable to the West threatening Russia with heavy sanctions in the event of an attack on Ukraine.

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