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Erdogan: We do not distinguish between Thessaloniki and Mosul – We see our ancient cities the same

THE Recep Tayyip Erdogan on the occasion of a speech he gave and blamed Israel for the situation in Gaza, he described as an ancient city of Turkey Thessaloniki.

According to the agency Anatolia, stated that “every event that happens all around us, from the Balkans to the Caucasus, from the Black Sea to the eastern shores of the Mediterranean, concerns us directly. Karabakh has the same place in our hearts as Gaza. Just as we do not distinguish between Bosnia and Aleppo, Tripoli and Balkh, Thessaloniki and Mosul, we see our own ancient cities and Jerusalem as the same».

He also said that “Turkey is the only country that Israel cannot label as “anti-Semitic” no matter how hard he tries… We don’t owe Israel, but those who do can’t even use the word ‘ceasefire’.

He also stated that “the israeli government is in a state of insanity, brags about slaughtering pregnant women and unborn babies. Bombing babies whose mouths smell like milk is not war. The rain of bullets against civilians is called barbarism, robbery, state terrorism.”

Source: News Beast

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