Erdogan with a cat, Captain Imamoglu: The photos with pre-election scent that they uploaded on social media

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A different person is trying to promote through their posts on social media the President of Turkey and the Mayor of Istanbul who have posted photos on their Twitter accounts for the last twenty-four hours.

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As SKAI pointed out on Monday morning (27/9) in a relevant report, the publications of the president and the mayor They seemed to have a “pre-election scent” although formally the presidential elections in our neighboring country are expected to take place in 2023.

Characteristically Manolis Kostidis referring to Tayyip Erdogan He said that he posted on social media pictures with his grandson’s cat in the Bosphorus.

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According to the SKAI correspondent in Turkey, “the Turkish president is supposed to have climbed to his feet while trying to read a newspaper. Erdogan seems to treat her with the tenderness he would treat his opponents, as he does not touch her at all in any photo. However, the cat takes the same initiative and rubs his hand, living risky “.

At the same time, according to Manolis Kostidis, Ekrem Imamoglou, in the aftermath of his visit to Athens, which was commented on in various ways in Turkey, he appeared dressed as a captain in the Gulf of the Horn with a semiotics such as “I can and I rule, I have the rudder”.

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