Erdogan’s party official caught sleeping next to drug bag – Video released

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Salo has caused a video in Turkey showing an executive AKP, of his party Recep Tayyip Erdogan, sleeping in his office next to a bag with drugs. This is Kürsat Kilic, who submitted his resignation, while commenting on the images that came to light, he spoke of a conspiracy.

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The video, published by, shows Kilic sleeping on his desk while next to him in the drawer there is a bag of drugs, a scale, and on the table a device used for drug use. According to, the AKP official was accused of drug use, and that the drug next to him was methamphetamine.

“It’s a conspiracy”

Kürsat Kilic had submitted his resignation due to “workload” reasons, but after the images were published, he responded by posting on Facebook, saying that the video is a product of a conspiracy.

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He even stated that the materials on the table and the drugs in his drawer were placed there by someone in order to “hit” him.

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