Erdogan’s secret “army” in Europe: 6,000 agents hunt his opponents

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THE Recep Tayyip Erdogan in recent years he has built a vast network to neutralize critics and now reportedly has a secret “army” just in Europe from 6,000 agents.

In particular, the French journalists, former correspondents in Turkey, Laure Marchand and Gilliom Perrier issued book under the title “Wolves love the fog”(Les Loups aimant la brume).

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It is, as they say, an investigation into Turkey’s illegal activities in Europe and, in particular, how the Turkish president has developed a entire network to monitor and control what he considers his political opponents. The two journalists are talking about an undeclared army, the spearhead of which is MIT, i.e. the Turkish intelligence services.

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Introducing the book, the Le Monde newspaper, whose correspondent in Turkey was one of the authors, Gilles Perrier (sr. Laure Marchand was from Figaro), reports that the Erdogan regime is using its tentacles in Europe to neutralize, capture or harm his opponents. It is a “spider web” woven by the Turkish services in Europe, the epicenter of which is in Germany, where the largest Turkish community in Europe lives, the newspaper reports. He also points out that it is a group of 6,000 people which is a mixture of secret agents, contract killers, diplomats, informants, political activists, businessmen, etc. which together belong to the so-called “deep state”, which in recent years has been strengthened by the addition of a religious dimension.

The French newspaper notes that, referring specifically to MIT, the two journalists point out that it was involved in the murder of three female activists of the Kurdish PKK party, which took place in an apartment on the rue Lafayette in Paris, on January 9, 2013. The case is not closed, but the French secret services show no willingness to assist the judicial authorities, the journalists note.

In conclusion, the French newspaper underlines that what the book narrates is the movement of folding Turkey in on itself. An “Ottoman” Turkey that sees itself as the center of an empire that needs to be rebuilt.

Source: News Beast

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