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Erling Haaland, protagonist of the new issue of GQ Italia

Erling Haaland, young and formidable striker, he is the protagonist of the new number of GQ Italy dedicated to sport, on newsstands from 2 February.

In the cover interview, a dialogue made up of dreams, goals, projects, Haaland does not hide his desire to finally give the Champions League to Manchester City: «I will try to do everything in my power to win trophies with Manchester City and I will try to turn the tables on it» he declares. “If everything goes as it should, my goal is to win the Champions League.”

A bond, the one with Manchester City, which could be defined as family, given that in the past his father Alfie also played in the team: «playing in the same team as my father is something special» he says, but speaking of his hopes of help Norway qualify for the world Cup he says: «Mine is a small nation, of reduced dimensions: 5.5 million inhabitants, if not less. Therefore, we are not among the greats. In any case, at the World Cup we see national teams from small states capable of performing fantastic feats », he says. «Qualifying for the 2026 World Cup is my main goal. I hope one day to be able to play knockout matches with Norway.”

A true concentrate of dreams and hopes, which the athlete tries to reach without letting himself be hindered by negative thoughts. In this, he says, meditation comes in handy: «I hate stress and I try not to be affected by it. Meditation really serves to remove any unnerving thoughts. It depends on the individual, but for me it has always worked great».

The complete interview is available at this link: https://www.gqitalia.it/sport/article/erling-haaland-gol-interview

Source: Vanity Fair

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