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Ermal Meta, the first social photo with his daughter Fortuna

Last June 19th Ermal Meta He had announced that he had become a father by posting a tender photo on Instagram in which you could see his hand tightly holding that of his comrade Chiara Sturdà and that tiny one of theirs first daughter, Fortuna Marie. Now Chiara, always via social media, has given us the first image of the 43-year-old singer-songwriter with his little girl. In the photo, taken a few hours after giving birth, you can see Ermal on the hospital bed, next to a guitar, he hugs the little girl.

The post is accompanied by a tender dedication that Chiara wrote putting herself in the child’s shoes: «My wonderful dad, we are about to set off together on this new journey. I have already found a comfortable space to come with you without getting too tired, your heart already has the shape of my universe, my intergalactic space full of stars in which I see mom’s heart shine every day”. The social message for Ermal Meta has arrived a few days before the start of the tour that will see him busy throughout Italy: «I will be with you in every song, I will be in the eyes of all the people who love you, in the beauty of every concert of yours, in the tiredness of the torrid heat of August, in the colors of all the cities that will be caressed by your voice, I will dance with you dad, I will dance to the notes of Mediterranean and maybe I’ll make you emotional with Ironicgood luck my beautiful dad. I’m waiting for you. I miss you. I love you.”

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Ermal Meta has been linked to Chiar Sturdà, a thirty-four-year-old agent and marketing manager for a consultancy firm for footballers, for several years. The two came out into the open after the lockdown but have always lived their love in the utmost secrecy. Because, as he explained last May in an interview with Vanity Fair«Chiara doesn’t like to appear and I have always respected this choice of hers.. I have the great privilege of being able to make music, but private life is another thing”. In the same interview the singer-songwriter had declared: «I’m not afraid of becoming a father, I’m worried about bringing a child into this world. Because it is an unstable world, a dangerous world, things are happening that are far beyond our understanding. There are two wars going on, one that is worryingly touching Europe, the other full of horror.”

Chiara and Ermal discovered that they would become parents last October 11th: «It’s It was a little shock, we didn’t expect a baby to arrive. Every now and then, over the years, I thought about it and said to myself, “If I had a child, what kind of world would I bring him into? In a decidedly ugly world.” Then it happened and discovering the arrival of a child was beautiful.” Already in 2021, a guest of very truethe singer – who in his songs has often denounced the violence suffered by the father – he had spoken about his fears at the idea of ​​bringing children into the world: «I thought for a long time that I didn’t want to become a father, I never wanted to run the risk that my son might think of me what I thought of my father.. But maybe today something inside me has changed”. And in fact, last June 19, Fortuna Marie was born. And the new father, as also demonstrated by the tender photo just posted by his partner, couldn’t be happier.

Source: Vanity Fair

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