Ernie Lively, father of Blake Lively, has died

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Ernie Lively he died at the age of seventy-four, struck down by cardiac arrest. The father of Blake Lively, an almost fifty-year career in cinema, began working as an actor in 1975, eventually joining Tom Hanks in Turner and the hustler. Lively, whose surname was not a birthright, but the result of a thoughtful choice, has appeared over the years in several films and television series. Married to manager Elaine Lively, of whom he decided to take the surname left her by her first husband, he took part in Hazzard, X-Files, Murder, she wrote, West Wing – All the President’s men. Then, in 2005, she chose to join Eric Lively’s sister daughter in Four girlfriends and a pair of jeans.

Blake Lively, actress like her brother and three half-brothers, all born from Elaine Lively’s previous marriage, has not, to date, commented on the news. The actress’s social activities, as well as those of her husband, Ryan Reynolds, have come to a halt, and nothing – not a post, not an official statement – has been said.

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