Eros and menopause: the big changes in sex life we ​​should expect

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Decreased desire, short and less intense orgasms, vaginal dryness and pain during intercourse. In addition to possible disturbances, discomfort, mood on the ground. AND menopause, beauty … But now, thanks also to the stars who talk about it openly to encourage other women to do the same and to share fears and perplexities and seek support even from companions, menopause is no longer considered a “disease” but a physiological period of transition. The message is clear: today we want to give one new look at menopause, making it a moment of positive rebirth and change for every woman.

In this regard, just a few years ago Monica Bellucci, today at the age of 57, he declared: “Menopause is not a disease but absolute freedom, because we are no longer slaves to hormones. We experience sexuality with greater control. We no longer have the hormonal impulse that directs, we direct and this makes the difference ». But even Bellucci does not deny that the transition is anything but without difficulties. Even revealing was the experience for Whoopi Goldberg, for which menopause was at first a real shock: “My sexual desire has completely changed, one minute before I felt completely involved, the next moment I couldn’t wait for it to end“. Over time, however, the actress also began to consider menopause as a liberation: she was able to remove from her life people and things that she now perceived as negative, thanks to a new point of view, managing to select those relationships in which sharing and understanding were sincere at the basis.

On the wave of a possible and rediscovered balance, therefore, you can experience this phase of life with less anxiety. Being also more aware of the changes to be expected from a sexual point of view you can resume the activity in the bedroom. Fluctuating hormones can certainly make sex confusing and in any case discouraging, but since menopause is also experienced in a very personal way, in other women this phase can trigger a newfound sense of freedom, and sex after menopause may turn out to be the best ever. Let’s see it, therefore, also as another opportunity for growth between the sheets.

In any case, however you live, it is important to understand how things can change when it comes to sexual intercourse. And, if it doesn’t feel as sexy as it used to be, don’t panic.

In the gallery we list the most important changes that are underway and some approved suggestions to help regain confidence in the bedroom.

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