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Estonia promises more weapons to Ukraine

Estonia’s government plans to supply Ukraine with additional weaponry, particularly anti-tank and anti-tank weapons, to help it in its war with Russia, Tallinn announced on Thursday.

The Baltic state, a member of both the EU and NATO, will also support a British initiative to expand the training of members of the Ukrainian armed forces, while providing Ukraine with a field hospital in cooperation with Germany, the Estonian Defense Ministry said.

“The fighting in Ukraine continues to be intense. Although more and more weapons from the West are reaching the frontlines, we have a moral responsibility to continue supporting Ukraine,” Estonian Defense Minister Hanno Pevkur said.

“They are fighting for our shared values ​​and if there is anything we can send to the Ukrainians we should do it,” he added.

Estonia’s government says it has sent 250 million euros ($252 million) worth of military aid to Ukraine since Russia’s military invasion began nearly six months ago.

Among the weapons he supplied her with are American-made anti-tank mines and also American Javelin anti-tank missiles.

The small Baltic nation of 1.2 million people has also supplied several howitzers from former East German stockpiles to Kyiv, a transfer approved by Germany’s government.


Source: Capital

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