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Estonia wants more NATO troops to defend Baltic

Estonia hopes that next week’s North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Western military alliance summit, to be held in Madrid, will designate additional units for its defence, Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas told Reuters. However, the Baltic country does not want the troops to stay on its territory.

Since Russia invaded Ukraine in February, the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have been calling for their region to receive the largest buildup of combat-ready NATO forces in Europe, fearing they could be the Russian government’s next targets. .

Diplomats and senior officials from NATO allies told Reuters the demand was unfeasible, in part because the proposals come as the alliance faces a series of demands not seen in decades: from fighting Russia and China in the Arctic to cracking down Islamic insurgencies in the Sahel.

Recognizing that Estonia would not receive NATO troops remaining in the country, Kallas said that allied troops could be deployed to Estonia “within hours” if necessary.

“Considering the mobility of forces at the moment and how difficult it is to send troops permanently, we proposed this structure of allocated forces”, highlighted Kallas on Wednesday night (22).

“There are troops, for example, in the UK or other allies, but if something happens, they can come here and defend us right away from day one,” he explained.

Reuters contacted NATO seeking comment. Britain said last week it could send more troops to Estonia and lead a brigade there, echoing German plans in Lithuania, ahead of a military bloc summit to settle deployments on the alliance’s eastern flank in response to Russia’s war on Russia. Ukraine.

Source: CNN Brasil

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