“Eternal President” Putin: He signed the law that gives him the right for another 2 terms

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The 68-year-old Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a law that gives him the right to run for president again, as well as run for two more terms, after his term ends in 2024, and remain in power until 2036.

The text was finally approved by Parliament in March, following a referendum on the constitutional review held in the summer of 2020.

Under the new law, the same person can be elected to the post of president and hold two terms, without taking into account the previous president, his previous presidential terms.

The “zeroing” of the previous presidential terms of the president Putin During the debate on the constitutional revision, it was proposed a year ago by Valentina Tereskova, a member of the State Duma on behalf of the United Russia party (who was also the first female cosmonaut in the world). “We must honestly, openly, publicly anticipate and generally remove restrictions on the number of presidential terms in the Constitution,” Tereskova said at the time.

Vladimir Putin, who has been at the helm of the country since 2000, has ousted any real political rivalry in Russia for two decades, restricting opposition and independent media, while always refusing to discuss his succession.

Putin, in 2036, which is theoretically the date on which he should leave the Kremlin, will be 83 or 84 years old.

Yevgeny Roizman, a Kremlin critic and former mayor of Yekaterinburg, one of Russia’s largest cities, said in a Twitter post that the law would make President Putin president for life.

The group of jailed Alexei Navalny, a critic of the Kremlin, has released a video dating back to the 2000s in which Vladimir Putin says he opposes keeping the president in power for more than two terms.

The law stipulates that the head of state can be elected a Russian citizen, aged 35 and over, who has resided permanently in Russia for not less than 25 years and who has never in the past been a citizen of another state or a residence permit in another state.

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