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Ethanol price rises in 22 states, falls in two and in the DF and is stable in MS, says ANP

Average hydrous ethanol prices rose in 22 states, fell in two states and the Federal District and were stable only in Mato Grosso do Sul in the week between March 5th and 11th. In Amapá, there was no data collection.

The survey is by the National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP) compiled by AE-Taxas. In stations surveyed by the ANP across the country, the average price of ethanol rose 2.06% in the week compared to the previous week, from R$ 3.88 to R$ 3.96 per liter.

In São Paulo, the main producing and consuming state and with the most evaluated stations, the average quotation rose 1.86% in the week, from R$ 3.76 to R$ 3.83. Amazonas was the state with the highest percentage increase in the week, 14.29%, from R$ 3.99 to R$ 4.56 per liter. The Federal District had the biggest drop in prices in the week, 0.73%, from R$ 4.10 to R$ 4.07 per liter.

The minimum price recorded in the week for ethanol at a gas station was R$ 3.25 per liter in São Paulo. The highest state price, R$6.57, was recorded in Rio Grande do Sul. The lowest state average price, R$ 3.63, was observed in Mato Grosso, while the highest average price was registered in Roraima, with R$ 4.88 per liter.

In the monthly comparison, the average price of biofuel in the country rose 3.66%. The state with the highest percentage increase in the period was Amazonas, with 18.13% increase in the period, from R$ 3.86 to R$ 4.56 per liter. The biggest percentage drop occurred in Ceará (-0.22%), from R$ 4.60 to R$ 4.59.


Ethanol was competitive with gasoline only in the states of Amazonas and Mato Grosso this week. In the rest of the states and in the Federal District, it was still more advantageous to fill the car with gasoline.

According to a survey by the ANP compiled by AE-Taxas for the past week, in the average of the surveyed stations in the country, ethanol is at a parity of 71.1% against gasoline, therefore unfavorable in comparison with the oil derivative. In Amazonas, the parity was at 69.62% and, in Mato Grosso, the parity was at 66.24%.

Industry executives observe that ethanol can be competitive even with a parity greater than 70%, depending on the vehicle in which the biofuel is used.

Source: CNN Brasil

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