Ethanol rises 8.75% and gasoline advances 1.8% in November, says ValeCard

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Hydrated ethanol prices rose 8.75% at gas stations in Brazil in November compared to October, according to a survey released this Monday (28) by ValeCard, while gasoline rose 1.78%.

According to the company, the biofuel was sold at pumps at an average price of R$3,888 per liter between November 1st and 28th, against R$3,575 in the previous month.

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Regular gasoline was sold at R$ 5.250, compared to R$ 5.158 in October.

Only five of the 26 states registered a fall in the price of fossil fuel in the period: Amazonas (-2.28%), Amapá (-0.67%), Espírito Santo (-0.37%), Roraima (-0.03% ) and Paraíba (-0.02%).

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The biggest increase in gasoline prices occurred in Paraná (7.38%), followed by Goiás (5.40%) and Santa Catarina (4.29%).

The survey also found that it is only more advantageous to supply ethanol in Mato Grosso, where the value was equivalent to 68% of the price of gasoline, and Paraíba, with 70%.

For the use of ethanol to financially compensate for the use of biofuel, the value per liter must be equal to or less than 70% of fossil fuel.

The survey was based on transactions carried out in more than 25,000 establishments accredited to ValeCard in all states of Brazil.

Source: CNN Brasil

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