Ethermine pool launched the function of “private” transactions without output to a public mempool

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The Ethermine pool team has added a “private” transaction feature to improve trading efficiency on DEX. Its support is already present in the Metamask wallet.

According to
the announcement Ethermine command, the Private Remote Procedure Call Endpoint for Ethereum (ETH) function has been added to the pool toolbox. Thus, traders of DeFi platforms can configure token transactions to be carried out exclusively through Ethermine servers and blocks mined by the pool itself, without their live broadcast to the public network. This will avoid intercepting transactions and reduce the impact of MEV.

When enabled, the user can send transactions directly from Ethermine nodes, making them unavailable to the shared memory pool. To make a transfer, you need to select “Custom RPC” in Metamask and configure the data endpoint to the Ethermine server. Thus, experienced traders can significantly reduce commissions, order slippage and the ability to intercept transactions by MEV bots. RPC Ethermine has already been implemented in the popular Ethereum wallet – Metamask.

“Private” transactions will be included in the first free block mined by the Ethermine pool. However, if it is “Uncle Block”, then transactions from it can leak into the shared memory pool. The risk of such a leak does not exceed 5%, but it should still be considered.

Recall that recently, a large pool of ether mining, Sparkpool, was forced to close all services for Chinese customers due to new restrictions in the country. The same situation happened with the Bitcoin mining pool F2Pool.

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