EU: “Europeans vaccinated with AstraZeneca will be able to travel to the US”

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Europeans who have been vaccinated against coronavirus with its preparation AstraZeneca they will be able to to Travel to the US in November | The vaccine is not recognized by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the European Commissioner told AFP tonight. Thierry Breton, after the meeting in Washington.

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The White House announced today the lifting of the travel ban from “early November” for all foreigners provided they have fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

“This applies to all people who have been vaccinated with FDA-approved vaccines,” explained Breton, who coordinates EU procurement. with vaccines against Covid and who met with the White House pandemic coordinator Jeff Zayenz.

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“He told me that for the other vaccines, for AstraZeneca in particular, it is their health service that will decide but it seemed to be positive and optimistic“, He added.

“What I understood from the discussions we had was that he was convinced that it was the responsibility of the health service but based on the data available (for vaccines recognized by the European health authorities), there was no concern,” the European Commissioner explained.

Thierry Breton asked Zainez about the schedule, and specifically if this permission can be given until on November 1, the date of the lifting of the restrictions: “It seemed to be positive for the dates as well,” he said.

Breton stressed that his teams had worked hard to remove these restrictions “which no longer had no sense».

Earlier in the day, Breton told Americans that Europe “became the first continent in the world not only in terms of vaccine production and export – as we export more than half of our production compared to the United States.” But also in terms of the number of vaccinated people as it is the first continent in the world in number of ‘fully vaccinated’ “.

“We are in a situation where we are the first continent and we are included in the constraints like the China, the Iran and other countries, this makes absolutely no senseHe insisted.

Breton is making a trip to Washington today and tomorrow, Tuesday, reports the APE BPE, which cites an AFP telegram. On Tuesday, he will make an intervention at the American think tank Atlantic Council.

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