EU Parliament: “Femicides become a European crime”

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“Femicide is the most extreme form of gender-based violence against women and girls.” This is the premise from which the resolution approved by the European Parliament starts with 427 votes in favor, 119 against and 140 abstentions to include gender-based violence among the euro crime. Strasbourg wants to ask the European Commission for a law to have targeted policies to address all forms of gender-based violence and discrimination. THE femicides therefore, but also all the violence against people of the LGBT community and the denial of assistance for safe and legal abortion.

The resolution seeks to include gender-based violence among the crime categories ofarticle 83 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union. It is the crimes that can and must be fought on a common basis. This includes the trafficking of arms and drugs, but also of human beings, the mafia and terrorism.

The MEP of the Democratic Party Pina Picierno who is the speaker of the initiative explained: «A huge victory for Italian women and for European women, a significant step forward for all victims of violence. The process must be completed and a positive and unanimous vote by the EU Council will be needed to formally start the procedure for modifying the treaty “. This would bring more forces to fight these crimes.

In Italy there are 83 femicides since the beginning of the year. 7 in the last few days including the case of a 21-year-old mother killed in the Vicenza area. They are in line with those of 2020 in which from January to September the victims of femicide were 84, in total 116 in the 366 days.

The data is from a few days ago Eurostat on femicides in Europe. 1,421 women were killed in 2019, four per day. The highest number of victims in France, 285, and in Germany, 276. These are absolute figures. If, on the other hand, we look at femicides compared to the number of inhabitants, the average brings Latvia in the lead with 4.06 per 100 thousand inhabitants, followed by Cyprus, Montenegro, Lithuania, Malta and Finland.

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