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EU responds to Austria’s “blockade” on the unvaccinated: “Lockdowns are a national decision”

EU responds to Austria’s “blockade” on the unvaccinated: “Lockdowns are a national decision”

“Lockdowns are a national decision,” the European Commission said in a statement. decision of the Austrian government to impose a lockdown on citizens not vaccinated against coronavirus.

«Lockdown is a decision taken at Member State levelSaid the spokesman for the Commission for Health, Stephen de Kersmaker, during a press conference in Brussels today.

“The Commission is working with the Member States at various levels to monitor the epidemiological situation, exchange information and take a coherent approach to the situation,” the Athens News Agency quoted him as saying.the Commission continues to provide support to Member States, if necessary, through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism».

Fully vaccinated 75% of the EU population

Alongside The representative reminded that as the Commissioner of Health, Stella Kyriakidou, has said, 75% of the EU population has been fully vaccinated.

«The EU has one of the highest vaccination rates in the world“But with cases rising in almost all Member States, the situation remains fragile and vaccination coverage must continue throughout the general population,” he added.

He also recalled the risk assessment published by the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) on 30 September, which showed that in countries where the vaccination rate is below 75%, lifting health restrictions would lead to significant increase in coronavirus cases from September to November.

“The message remains clear. Get vaccinated. “Keep masks and social distance,” said her representative European Commission.