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EU sanctions on Iran are being extended due to its support for Russia

The existing sanctions against Iran are being extended by the European Union, as announced yesterday by the European Council in Brussels. “The Council decided (…) to expand the scope of the restrictive measures framework, given Iran's military support for Russia's war of aggression against Ukraine,” a press release said. This “framework”, originally adopted in July 2023, prohibits in particular the export of materials or components used for the development and industrial production of remotely piloted unmanned aerial systems (UAVs or drones in English), as well as the imposition of travel restrictions and/or seizing resources against those involved in the Islamic Republic's program to produce such aircraft. It also prohibits any financing of those involved in the production of drones in Iran. In justifying the decision, the European Council noted that it had immediately condemned Iran's unprecedented direct attack on Israel with hundreds of drones, cruise missiles and ballistic missiles on April 13. The attack was launched in retaliation for the dead man […]
Source: News Beast

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