EU: ‘Window’ for internal combustion engines beyond 2035

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A “window” for the continued use of vehicles with internal combustion engines beyond 2035, using renewable fuels, has been opened by the Council of EU Environment Ministers.

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In particular, while the original proposal adopted by the European Parliament provided for a ban on the sale of new vehicles with internal combustion engines from 2035, (so only electric vehicles were allowed), the amendment adopted by the Council at its last meeting calls on the Commission to submits a proposal for the creation of a framework that will also include the use of new vehicles with internal combustion engines after 2035, as long as they use exclusively neutral fuels.

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The Council also calls on the Commission to evaluate in 2026 the effectiveness and impact of the Regulation, taking into account technological developments in plug-in hybrid cars, the parameter of cost and social justice (given that currently electric vehicles are more expensive than conventional ones and therefore not accessible to the average consumer).

According to the information, the amendments were adopted after a proposal from Germany, while the first reaction of FuelsEurope, which represents the European refining industry, was positive.

Renewable fuels are produced with raw materials such as agricultural waste, biomass, carbon dioxide captured from the atmosphere, etc. and not by processing fossil hydrocarbons. Therefore, the pollutants emitted into the atmosphere from their combustion do not increase the total emissions.


Source: Capital

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