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Eucl. Tsakalotos: Skaramagkas: privatizations and client state, the old SW that we all know and love

Eucl.  Tsakalotos: Skaramagkas: privatizations and client state, the old SW that we all know and love

The parliamentary representative of SYRIZA-PS, Euclides Tsakalotos, in the context of the discussion of the s / n of the Minister. Finance Minister, began his speech with reference to the decision of the United States Supreme Court on abortion, based on the speech of Mr. Velopoulos who apparently wants to steal something from the glory of Trump and believes that Trumpism can find ground in Greece . A decision that is disastrous for women, for the women’s movement, for the fight against sexism. Which shows that there is no linear evolution in the emancipation of women, but on the contrary there must be constant battles for their rights, for their body, for their emancipation. He expressed the hope and wish that this decision will be the trigger for a new feminist movement both in Greece and internationally.

Addressing the MPs of the ruling party, Euclid Tsakalotos pointed out that the economic history of the country is not the strong paper of the government. Because for New Democracy the economic history of the country begins in 2015, before this year no country went bankrupt, did not suffer a reduction of GDP by 25%, reduction of salaries, pensions, disposable income, there were no measures 63 billion.

He reminded that when in his previous speech he had raised the very important issue of public interest, for all sectors, for health, energy, Larko, Mr. Staikouras, taking the floor to answer, referred to capital controls and the first half of the year. of 2015. No answer on the substance, no sense of obligation to contribute to the parliamentary dialogue.

This strategy has two problems:

· In what we are told about 2015 we can bring as a counter-argument how we got there. They talk as if there were no problems before.

· People are looking ahead and this creates a lack of dynamism of ND in relation to the progressive forces that have in common the interest in the defense of the public interest, for health, energy, etc. Because to some extent the citizens can vote with based on the past but rather vote based on the future, vision, strategy, problem solving plan. And in these the New Democracy is limping.

Regarding Scaramangas:

First, all potential buyers should know the terms of the game in advance, not afterwards to change the terms.

Secondly, we wonder if the yard is of any strategic importance to New Democracy. Because for Larko we understood that he does not have, neither for nickel, nor for the industrial and defense policy of the country. Although self-identifying as patriotic.

Thirdly, regarding the legal question raised by Mrs. Ahtsioglu, what does the continuation of the activity of the shipyards entail, what does this mean for the rights of the workers, New Democracy does not seem willing to answer. Because neoliberalism works in this way, so that workers can not raise their heads. And New Democracy does not want contracts of indefinite duration, it prefers to lay off all employees and have new contracts. The examples of efoods and practitioners are alive.

Fourth, the government does not seem to care about the quality of life, the environment around Scaramanga, the existence of living communities, health, lack of pollution. Why did he stop the forest maps, because for her everything that is private is automatically and good and there is no reason for the state to intervene to protect the public interest.

He then referred to privatizations and the private sector, where under Reagan the companies that built shelters and bus stops in California were privatized. The result was that shelters were built in affluent areas because they could place advertisements, poor people were not sheltered, and people in California waited for the bus in the sun. Because profit cannot guarantee public interest.

It is important for us to be able to preserve an area protected from the values ​​and functions of the market, there are many stakeholders from the operation of a company, the employees, the environment. For the new Republic it is the market, the profit and the private sector only. In fact there are the above in combination with the old client state, a perfect marriage. A gift to the investor, but this is not even neoliberalism is the old New Democracy that we all know and love.

That is why we must discuss, with all the progressive forces, on the basis of the public interest for all its sectors, health, education, environment, energy. With what priorities, in what direction and as soon as possible, because this government must leave as soon as possible.

Source: Capital



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