Eugenio Derbez suffers a terrible accident and will undergo surgery

Eugenio Derbez suffers a terrible accident and will undergo surgery

This August 29, through a statement shared on his InstagramAlessandra Rosaldo reported that a couple of days ago, her husband, comedian Eugenio Derbez, suffered an accident that left him with some complicated injuries, for which he will have to undergo surgery.

The statement was shared on the official account of the actor and comedian, who reported that despite the surgery to which he will be exposed, he is out of danger and the operation does not put his life at risk, but that the recovery process will be long. , since you will have to rest for a few weeks and then take rehabilitation therapies.

This news comes just after last Friday, Apple TV + confirmed the second season of the comedy series acapulcoin which the comedian is the protagonist and shares credits with Enrique Arrizon, Camila Perez and Raphael Alejandro.

Without giving more details about the accident that Derbez suffered, the singer said that it was important for them to report the family situation they are going through at the moment, so, aware of the affection that their fans They have the artist, he asked that they send their best vibes so that the actor comes out of this bad moment as well as possible.

He is fine but the injuries he suffered are delicate, so in the next few hours he will have to undergo surgery. The operation is very complicated but it does not compromise his health. At this time, the priority is to focus on this process so that Eugenio can move forward, taking the time necessary to do so.

Assuring that she also has work commitments to fulfill, Alessandra Rosaldo asked the general public not to speculate or draw conclusions regarding the subject, since she will report everything related to the state of health of the 60-year-old actor, who will be away from his social networks and the media because he is hospitalized.

For their part, neither Aislinn Derbez, José Eduardo Derbez or Vadhir Derbez have commented on it or before any media or on their social networks, which confirms that the only one who will provide information about Eugenio Derbez will be his wife.

After Alessandra Rosaldo broke the news and without further details regarding the accident, on the morning of this August 30, through the live broadcast of the television program the sun risesthe journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante said that the accident that the comedian received left his shoulder broken into ten pieces, which he suffered next to his son Vadhir while playing with a virtual reality helmet.

He was in Atlanta with his son Vadhir. She put on a virtual reality headset, so while she was running and jumping, she hit something. He broke his shoulder into ten or 11 pieces. So they were going to operate on him there, but seeing that he was pulverized, they decided to operate on him this morning in Los Angeles.

– Reported Gustavo Adolfo Infante

Despite the information that Derbez had already undergone surgery, the journalist commented that José Eduardo Derbez had just told him that the surgery had not yet been performed.

Source: Okchicas