The developers of the recently hacked DeFi protocol, Euler Labs, approached the hacker who stole almost $200 million. They asked for 90% of the stolen funds to be returned so that the team would not pursue the attacker.

In a statement, the developers emphasized that the hacker has 24 hours to return the funds, otherwise he will face “legal consequences.” To search for the hacker, Euler developers promised to allocate $1 million. The statement was made using the blockchain – a transaction with the text was sent to the address of the attacker:

“If 90% of the funds are not returned within 24 hours, then tomorrow we will launch a $1 million reward program for information leading to your arrest and the return of all stolen funds.”

Interestingly, yesterday the developers of the hacked protocol were much more polite. They similarly approached the hacker with a question about the possibility of “potential steps to resolve the situation.” The developers said they are working with US and UK law enforcement, as well as analytics firms Chainalysis and TRM Labs.

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The Euler team emphasized that the smart contract code was repeatedly audited by various groups of computer security specialists, but the vulnerability was never discovered.

Note that the total value of the stolen assets amounted to $197 million. The hacker took advantage of the vulnerability of the protocol’s smart contracts using instant loans. Thus, the developers are asking him to return $176.4 million and keep $19.6 million.